All You Need to Know ABout the Home Pack!!!

We know the trouble of getting good and authentic detergents, that’s why we make it our business to produce good quality products. Let us introduce you to our favorite home pack that consists of all the basic detergents that you would use on a daily basis.

The Home pack consist of 5 liters Multi-purpose soap, 1-liter bleach, 1-liter dish wash, 750ml toilet cleaner, and 500ml hand wash all at Ksh 1,200 only.

The Multi-Purpose liquid detergent (Nova Clean) can be used for cleaning the floors, washing clothes, dishes etc. It is convenient especially when you run out of your regular cleaning soaps.  It comes in 5 liters so it will take you a while before it runs out.

In our Home Pack, we give out 1 liter Vito Sol (bleach). It is very strong on stains and soft on hands. Vito Sol will maintain your white clothes and it is also good for disinfecting surfaces.  

Shyn Fresh (Dish Wash) is lemon-flavored; we all know how beneficial lemons are to dishes. This is one of our products that are doing so well because it keeps the dishes sparkling cleaning and smelling good.

Are you struggling with toilet and bowl stains? Our toilet cleaner (Beta Clean R2) will do the work for you. This will make sure your cleaning is shiny and free from germs. It comes in a 750ml pack.

We all know how crucial it is to wash your hands during this pandemic. We have perfumed hand wash (Shyn Gel) that will keep your hands free from germs and good smell. Make sure you wash your hands regularly with soap and running water to protect you and your family.

The pack is always readily available and we also do deliveries country wide.

Kindly keep the detergents out of children’s reach or supervise them when they have to use them.

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