Welcome to Cenclean

Our company was established in 2018. We identified an opportunity to introduce new innovative technology and products to the cleaning industry. We have partnered with Denova Chemicals Ltd. which was established in 2003 and has a vast experience in the production of commercial cleaning products and specialized industrial chemicals.

Our approach is based on tested processes, methodologies and skilled employees. We supply cleaning services and a mix of quality commercial cleaning products for hospitals, hotels, and homes.

Highly qualified professionals and quality experts associated with us are the most integral part of the company who enables us to keep pace with the latest market requirements.

Our customer-centric the approach has led us to a pinnacle position of success in this business within a very short span of time and always keeps us ahead in this field.


The ideas and principles that define our destination and provide direction for our work.

 Our Heritage Defines Us

A solid foundation of experience and a commitment to quality.

 Our Aspirations Guide Us

A desire to redefine our contribution and a pledge to innovate.

 Our Clients Focus Us

At the very center of what we do and how we do it.

Our Mission & Vision

Act as a strategic partner, supporting our clients’ core business operations • Deliver value through the development and management of smart, outcomes-based programs that solve clients’ challenges • Forge partnerships with clients, staff, and stakeholders and work collaboratively towards achievement of shared goals • Make a noticeable difference to the businesses we serve, the communities in which we operate, and the staff which we employ
Transforming the definition of success, from completing transactions to creating solutions • Reimagining the role of service provider: providing expertise, consultation, and insight, as well as services • Re-envisioning the vendor-client relationship as a partnership, with mutual benefits and a shared vision of success • Becoming an industry leade
• Integrity – Demonstrating openness and honesty at all times • Commitment – Calling on passion and persistence to deliver excellence in operations • Leadership – Taking on a leading role in advancing the building service industry forward • Innovation – Exhibiting curiosity, committing to exploration and evolution • Knowledge – Fostering a culture that encourages learning and personal development. Being experts in our field • Safety and sustainability – Safeguarding the health and wellbeing of our clients, our staff, and the environment • Ownership – Empowering staff to be accountable and responsible • Loyalty – Building strong connections with customers and staff • Respect – Behaving positively and professionally • Communication – Prioritizing the sharing of information and ideas

Our Affiliations


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